You Have to Watch Gabrielle Union Teaching Daughter Kaavia to Love Her Moles

Gabrielle Union smiling in a white dress in front of brownstone stepsGetty Images

Growing up as a kid with a mole near her mouth, my feelings about that little area of raised, darker skin could have gone in any number of ways. Thankfully, just as I was entering middle school, supermodels Cindy Crawford and Niki Taylor were on countless billboards and magazine covers with their own lip-adjacent moles, which me not only feel OK about my beauty mark but sincerely believe that it was a beauty mark. Not everyone gets such glamorous mole validation from celebrity role models, but Kaavia James Union Wade is getting a lesson on loving her skin from the best celebrity role model possible: her own mom, Gabrielle Union.

Union posted to TikTok on Thursday, August 12, writing, "Teaching her to love every part of herself 🤎," over a video of Kaavia and herself in a pool. But the relaxing moment was also a teachable one as Union showed her almost-three-year-old daughter that it's OK to have, accept, and even be enthusiastic about moles.

"Mommy has a lot of moles," Union says as she points to her chest and then her cheeks. "I got moles on my face."

"Oh no! I not have a mole," Kaavia replies, shaking her head.

"Well, I think you have a couple," Union says.

"Oh no, I got a couple right there," Kaavia decides, pointing to her mouth, at which point Union gently informs her that those are just her lips. 

"I'm pretty sure you have a mole somewhere," Union says, pulling one of Kaavia's feet out from under the water. "Oh, there's your mole!" Kaavia seems fascinated as Union continues, "But see, it's not bothering anyone. So you just leave it!"

"Leave it?"

"Yeah, it's a part of you," Union says. "So that's Kaav's mole. And mom's mole."

"Yes! We got moles!" Kaavia exclaims with adorable excitement — a sentiment Union repeats with equal energy. In fact, it's what she wrote in the caption, too.

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I think it's safe to say that, as Kaavia gets older, Union will continue to impart mole widsom — like getting her skin checked by a dermatologist every year for any new ones or strange changes in existing ones. In the meantime, Union continues being a role model not only for her kiddo but for everyone who can use a little reminder about self-love and acceptance. 

Jada Pinkett Smith Started Her Tattoo Sleeve With an Ode to the Divine Feminine

US actress Jada Pinkett Smith arrives for the premiere of Gemini Man at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood California...Getty Images

A lot of folks think that tattoos aren't appropriate or beautiful on people who've aged past their 20s and 30s — but Jada Pinkett Smith has just proven that idea false. On August 15, the actor revealed via Instagram that she's starting a tattoo sleeve at the age of 49 along with a photo of the first of those tattoos, a tribute to "the Divine Feminine journey."

As Pinkett Smith writes in her post, she'd always planned to get a full tattoo sleeve when she turned 60 but simply couldn't wait any longer. "I always said I would get a sleeve at 60 but tomorrow is not promised. Soooo … I’m starting to build my sleeve now," she writes. "Repp'n the Divine Feminine journey within and without." 

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The tattoo itself appears to be Hindu goddess Sita, who represents divinity, sacrifice, love, and more. This certainly isn't the actor's first tattoo; earlier this year, for instance, she received matching lotus tattoos from renowned artist Dr. Woo alongside her mother and daughter. The incredibly thin and detailed linework on her new forearm appears to be a single-needle tattoo, the same style of tattooing used for her other pieces of artwork.

Obviously, this won't be Pinket Smith's last tattoo with the plan to curate a full sleeve (which isn't nearly as hard to do as it seems, by the way). We're assuming she'll stay on her kick of black ink with delicate linework and hyper-realistic details. Regardless, whatever's next, we'll be waiting on the edge of our seats to see it. 

Tiny Beauty Details You Might Have Missed From Lizzo and Cardi B’s New Video

side by side of lizzo with golden headpiece accessories and gold dressCourtesy of Alexx Mayo 

It's official: The internet is broken again. The culprits this time are Lizzo and Cardi B who transformed into glowy Grecian goddesses for their "Rumors" music video that was released at midnight on August 13. The duo reimagined the legendary Muses from Hercules with shimmery gold makeup, avant-garde brow looks, and braided hairstyles that are so long they put Ariana Grande's ponytails to shame. But if you were too busy watching in amazement to notice, we've compiled all the wonderful beauty moments you may have missed.

The Perfectly Placed Highlighter

Honestly, where do you even began with a music video like this? There's so much to obsess over, but let's start with the glowy makeup, which was painted on by makeup artist Alexx Mayo using Charlotte Tilbury products. Glistening gold pigments are clearly the star here. For the first look, Lizzo appears on a ceramic jar with a brilliant gold highlight that matches her golden dress and headdress. Mayo blended the limited-edition Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte's Magic Star Highlighter and Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Wand in Goldgasm onto her cheeks to create the glow. 

screenshot from Lizzo Rumors music video showing Lizzo with glowy skin golden dress headpiece and arm piecesCourtesy of YouTube/@Lizzo Music

The Extra-High Cut Crease

Her shimmery eye makeup isn't super visible until the next scene but it's truly epic. On the base of her lids, Mayo blended out a few black and gray hues to create a smoky effect. There's a sharp black wing right on her lid and below her waterline creating a dramatic effect. Above the black-winged liner, Mayo painted on Charlotte Tilbury's Eyes to Mesmerize cream eye shadow in Champagne as if he were cutting her crease but it extends upwards to the temples. With the creamy pigment, he drew on another line that extends from her inner crease up towards her brows, which appear to be completely nonexistent. Which brings us to…

The Tiniest '90s Brows

On June 28, Lizzo officially joined the bleached eyebrows club, so that's why her brows appear to be invisible. Instead, Mayo drew on a faint brown line around where her brows would be (you can see some faint blonde hairs in the picture below). The gold pigment that sits at the end of her bleached brows takes the look to the next level. 

behind the scenes shot of lizzo wearing a golden hairpiece and gold smokey eye with gold stiletto nail jewelryCourtesy of Alexx Mayo 

The Body Highlight

Gold is pretty much the theme throughout the whole video whether it's the dresses, breastplates, nails, or out-of-this-world highlighter. All the dancers in the video look ethereal with their glistening skin that you can see when Lizzo walks up to the rest of the muses laying down. All seven women are glowing from head to toe, and that sickening highlight is especially on display when they busting a few moves on the columns. Just gaze in amazement at the blended streak of highlight on this queen. 

screenshot from rumors music video with lizzo standing with outstretched hands in front of six backup dancers laying on...Courtesy of YouTube/@Lizzo Musicscreenshot from rumors music video of lizzo bent over dancing in golden dress and bright shimmery highlighterCourtesy of YouTube/@Lizzo Music

The Eye Gems

Cardi makes her appearance later on in the video, sitting on a throne with a golden breastplate, huge gold teardrop earrings, and an angled liner with sparkly gems. The Bronx-rapper looks absolutely gorgeous while rapping her clever rhymes. This liner is very mod, with a sharp wing right at the lash line and another eyeliner line right at the crease that both angle upwards towards her temple. You can see a few well-placed gems that sparkle and gleam in her inner corner and along the topmost liner. 

screenshot from rumors music video of cardi b holding scroll while wearing a gold breastplate and teardrop earringsCourtesy of YouTube/@Lizzo Musicscreenshot from lizzo and cardi b rumors music video where cardi b wears golden breastplate with her hands raisedCourtesy of YouTube/@Lizzo Music

The Exceptional Nails

And just look at those talons! We knew fire nails were coming because Lizzo gave us a teaser on August 10, but wow they truly exceeded our expectations. Cardi's stiletto-shaped golden talons match the metallic sheen on her breastplate to a T. Lizzo has a more ornate-looking pair in the beginning of the video that looks more like expensive jewelry than a set of nails. For the final scene, she has ombré stiletto nails that transition from white to a shimmery gold glitter at the tips. 

screenshot from rumors music video with cardi b and lizzo in gold and white outfits holding their stretched out hands to...Courtesy of YouTube/@Lizzo Music

More Brow-spiration

Of course, Lizzo and Cardi delivered with their final looks. Lizzo's bleached brows aren't nonexistent this time. A few spaced-out black strokes sit right where her brows would be. On the other hand, Cardi's brows are angled and fully filled in. But underneath those angled brows sit a few dazzling gems. Creative brow looks have been having a moment lately, and we love to see these two artists' takes.

screenshot from rumors music video of lizzo singing in a bedazzled mesh gown long braided hairstyle with golden...Courtesy of YouTube/@Lizzo Musicscreenshot of cardi b from rumors video with gold headpiece and bedazzled eyebrowsCourtesy of YouTube/@Lizzo Music

The Veil-Like Braids

Lizzo's Rapunzel-esque braided hairstyle and Cardi's voluminous curls may just be our favorite hair looks in the video. As Lizzo dramatically walks down a winding staircase in one of the final scenes, you can see the aggressively long train of braids that follow behind her. It took 80 hours and 400 packs of Kanekalon braiding hair to create the 43-and-a-half-foot hairstyle on Lizzo, according to an Instagram carousel shared by hairstylist Shelby Swain. It took an impressive team of 17 braiders and 80 hours to complete these out-of-this-world braids. If you swipe through the carousel, you can see the behind-the-scenes videos showing all the work, skill, and dedication put into this gorgeous hair.

Her braided hair at the front is gathered into what looks like almost a pompadour and secured together with a bedazzled gold headpiece. The intricate accessory lays on her forehead and has two golden wires that swirl from the back of her head to right around her cheeks. Cardi also wears a stunning golden headpiece, but hers is a capital (the topmost part of a column) that sits on her head like a crown. 

screenshot of lizzo descending staircase with train of black hairCourtesy of YouTube/@Lizzo Music

Neither Lizzo, Cardi B, nor the six amazing backup dancers came to play with us with this Hercules-themed music video. We've just barely recovered from seeing Cardi B and Normani together for "Wild Side" and can hardly contain our excitement over this breathtaking video as well. Honesly, the best part may be all the amazing fan recreations of these beauty moments that are sure to come.

Kourtney Kardashian’s Short Bob Haircut Was Two Weeks in the Making

kourtney kardashian posing at an eventGetty Images

It was only May of 2021 when Kourtney Kardashian professed her love to boyfriend Travis Barker by tattooing the words, "I Love You," onto his arm. Recently, Barker seems to have returned the romantic gesture by giving Kardashian a haircut (or two). On August 4, she shared a photo of herself on Instagram sitting on a bathroom floor with a haircut that falls a few inches below her shoulders, followed by a photo of her hair on the ground. A little over a week later, on Saturday, August 14, Kardashian shared a slideshow of four mirror selfies with a completely new hairstyle: a short bob. 

Many of the reality star's fans are in awe of Kourt's new hair that falls below her jawline. Barker even pulled up in the comments, writing, "You're perfect." Kardashian seemed to have teased her followers about the debut of her new haircut with a photo she posted to her Instagram stories on Friday, August 13. The photo shows a few pairs of scissors next to a pile of Kourt's hair. In fact, she also tagged celebrity hairstylist Peter Savic in the post, indicating that another pair of scissors (besides Barker's) was behind her hair transformation. 

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Image may contain Weapon Weaponry Blade and Scissors


We're not sure what prompted this sudden change. Perhaps the unusually hot temperatures the U.S. has been experiencing all summer? Either way, Kardashian isn't the only celebrity that's opted for a bob recently. Earlier this year, model Kaia Gerber and singer Jessie J decided to change it up a bit by getting their own renditions of the bob. Whatever the case may be, Kardashian looks stunning as always. Welcome to the bob club, Kourt. 

The Best New August Skin-Care Launches to Make a Part of Your Routine

The Best New August SkinCare Launches to Make a Part of Your Routine

Allure/Ingrid Frahm

Yes, it's still summer. With more than a month of the season left to go, there's still time to switch up your skin-care routine to nail it for your current needs, or simply invite the best newness into your regimen. So, to help you out, we're sharing the new August skin-care products that we know you'll love. 

Changing your regimen up can feel scary. Is this serum worth the splurge? Do we really need another self-tanner? And what the hell do all of these ingredients actually do? To help answer any and all questions you may have about what you should be using, we've tested and tried every product — moisturizers, cleansers, serums, masks, and more — that comes our way to help you make an informed decision.

You can count on us to keep you in the know about the skin-care launches that excite us and that we think will make you feel your best. This August, treat yourself to a new skin-care regimen with the latest products to hit both physical and virtual shelves — including a gentle way to exfoliate every day (thanks, Murad) and an overachieving face mist packed with peptides from Ghost Democracy.

Be sure to check back weekly for new skin-care launches that are dropping this month. (Trust us, you don't want to miss out.)

All products featured on Allure are independently selected by our editors. However, when you buy something through our retail links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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It’s Beyond Time to Normalize Nipple Hair

Closeup of a senior woman wearing a bra and a necklace touching her hand to her chestGetty Images

Once a former taboo gets a starring role in an advertisement, you know it's gone mainstream. Pubic, leg, and armpit hair all get fairly regular moments in the selling-you-something spotlight these days. The fact that removing it is a choice, not a requirement, for women and femmes is finally being widely accepted in most circles. But one set of follicles remains largely undiscussed: the ones from which your nipple hair grows. Nipple hair is one of the last beauty taboos, and it’s time we eradicated the shame associated with it.

Personally, I've always felt ashamed of my nipple hair, as I've never really seen any media portrayals or public discussions about it. (Partially due, no doubt, to the bizarre censorship of "female" nipples in general.) The thing is, nipple hair is completely normal in people of all genders and yet it remains taboo, particularly for women's bodies. "Many women develop thick, dark hairs around the nipple, and it does not mean there is any underlying medical issue," says dermatologist Joshua Zeichner. "Nipple hair is not commonly talked about and does not seem to be widely accepted as normal."

"Hair on the areola is completely normal! We are mammals; by definition mammals have hair!" says Mona Gohara, associate clinical professor in the department of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine. Gohara estimates that about a third of us have particularly noticeable hair in our nipple area. "Like scalp, underarm, pubic, leg and all other body hair, there are genetic differences in texture, amount, and visibility."

Dermatologist Elizabeth Bahar Houshmand adds that nipple hair usually isn't on the actual nipple at all. "Instead, this hair often pops up on the pigmented circles surrounding your nipples called the areola, and other non-nipple breast skin," she explains. According to her, it is extremely common for women to have hair around the nipples though the exact percentage of how many women have breast hair isn't known since this isn't something that has been studied at large or that women usually report to their doctors.

Why is nipple hair still taboo?

We don't bat an eyelash when our fellow male mammals have visible chest hair, says Gohara, so why do we get all freaked out when females do? You probably guessed it: This is because it falls under the same unrealistic, idealistic, body expectations that are often unfairly bestowed on women. "It's the same reason why a lot of leg or armpit hair is still taboo — it's not aligned with an arbitrary societal 'norm' that needs to be ditched!" says Gohara.

Bahar Houshmand notes that nipple hair is very common, but people rarely talk about it. "Like any other kind of body hair, breast hair can vary in amount, thickness, and color from person to person," she says. It is normal to have body hair, but Bahar Houshmand notes that the amount of hair can depend on your ethnic background.

We’ve been trying to "free the nipple" for generations, says Alicia Sinclair Rosen, sex educator and founder of b-Vibe and Le Wand. "Heck, you can't even show a woman's nipple (even while breastfeeding) in public or social media," she says, referring to the fact that even though breastfeeding photos are technically allowed on some platforms, they're often reported by other users, which puts them at risk of being taken down along with other pictures of people with breasts in various states of undress. "Once we add something considered masculine, such as body hair, into the mix, a taboo is born," she says. "[If] a feminine nipple with a 'masculine' trait isn't portrayed in media, it creates mystery and can be considered erotic."

So it's no surprise that the hyper-sexualization of this body part makes it super taboo in general. Plus, unlike underarm or leg hair, this type of body hair isn't something you're likely to encounter on any old business day of the week, so you simply may not have a large sample size of other people's "normals" to compare your own to. 

How can we normalize nipple hair?

"Science is always the answer," says Gohara. "Recognize that it is biologically normal." If we talked more openly about our own nipple hair within our personal circles to the extent that we felt comfortable, we would all realize it's something most of us have.

Bahar Houshmand agrees discussing nipple hair is key to understanding that having hair around your nipples is super normal and not something you need to stress about or get rid of if it's not bothering you. "If it does bother you or seems like a sign something's up with your health, talk to your doctor to discuss ways you can remove it," she says.

"Talking openly about nipple hair, showcasing nipples with hair in sensual or sexy photography, and not making it the butt of a joke can help normalize what is actually quite normal," says Sinclair Rosen. "Many of the current discussions around nipple hair are positioned as something to be ashamed of or it’s a weird body characteristic that equates to a woman being less feminine or sexy. When in reality, it’s just body hair."

And if you're still not into it, how can you remove nipple hair?

Even though it's widely accepted that humans naturally have leg hair, regardless of gender, some people still choose to remove it — and that's just fine. In the same way, having open conversations about nipple hair might still lead some to the conclusion that they want to get rid of it. 

The skin around the nipple can be extra sensitive, so Gohara recommends that any hair removal methods be done with extreme caution to avoid irritation. "For shaving use a one or two-blade razor, go with not against the grain of the hair, and use shaving cream," she advises. "For depilatories, choose a small area to test out the product before using it all over to make sure the skin can tolerate it."

Bahar Houshmand personally does not recommend waxing or shaving since this skin is very thin and delicate, and believes tweezing is a better option. If the hair is dark, you could be a good candidate for laser hair removal, which is a great permanent option. Though you want to be careful if you have dark skin. "Make sure you are seeing a board certified dermatologist with laser expertise," she notes, something Gohara also recommends, noting that you should make sure the dermatologist has experience working with your skin tone. Laser hair removal runs the risk of hyperpigmentation or other side effects, so you want to make sure you see someone who is an expert.

The choice to remove (or keep) any body hair is a personal one, but at least know that if you have any around your nipples, you are certainly not alone. 

The Best Instagram Beauty Secrets We’ve Learned

The Everygirl’s product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

As both a beauty writer and a beauty lover, I spend a solid 30 percent of my day thinking about beauty. From the moment I wake up in the morning to sit in front of my vanity to writing this article at my desk to my skincare routine at night, the beauty industry takes up a lot of my mental real estate. 

Sponsored by Equilibria /

Looking for Better Sleep? This Super Ingredient Might Be the Answer

don’t fret, exhausted readers 💤

So, I decided 30 percent wasn’t nearly enough, and I followed all of my favorite makeup artists on Instagram! Now, I’m swimming in product recommendations, techniques, and hacks to glowing, smooth skin and flawless makeup application every time. The Instagram beauty sphere truly has it all. 

I know not everyone can have such an extensive following list or spend two or more hours a day viewing Instagram stories (it’s my nirvana leave me alone), and I’m not about to let you all miss out on some of the best tricks I’ve found. Here, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned that makes getting ready in the morning just a little easier and makes makeup application a smooth sailing ship.


Skin prep is a must

If there’s anything I’ve learned from makeup artists, it’s the importance of prepping your skin before you even think about putting makeup on. Having a clean, smooth, and moisturized face is everything when it comes to the foundation step. Your foundation will look smoother, it’ll blend seamlessly, and it might have a longer wear time too! This step is crucial for day-to-day application. 

However, Sir John (Beyonce’s makeup artist and one of my idols) skips moisturizer for summer concerts with Beyonce (i.e. BEYCHELLA!). In any case where you might sweat a lot, skip moisturizer to keep the foundation intact.

First Aid Beauty

Facial Radiance Pads

These AHA peel pads physically and chemically exfoliate away dead skin, leaving you with the softest, smoothest complexion before putting on any products.

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Rosen Skincare

Tropics Moisturizer

If you have dry skin, a rich moisturizer will help your makeup last by keeping it hydrated all day. This one is ideal for all skin types and leaves a healthy radiant finish.

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Hydro Boost Water Gel

For oily skin, you still want a light moisturizer to keep a barrier between your skin and foundation, but opt for something in a gel consistency that leaves a natural finish like this drugstore favorite.

Shop it now


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A post shared by Dermstore (@dermstore)


Press products into the skin — and don’t be gentle!

If you’ve ever watched someone apply an essence to their skin the K-Beauty way, you might think they’re seriously disturbed. However, many people (including Chriselle Lim!) swear by pressing your products into the skin. Chriselle goes as far as slapping the product into her face. And she isn’t gentle. 

After some skepticism, I tried it, and this technique is no joke. Your face will be a little red right after, but it really helps get the blood flowing. I notice my face looks slightly less puffy in the morning, and I feel like I use less product overall!


Spray your brush with setting spray before foundation

Add some extra glow to your skin (and keep your makeup in place all day) by spraying your brush with your setting spray before you apply foundation. While this trick sounds simple, it’s so easy and effective.

Urban Decay

All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

There’s a reason this is still the most talked about setting spray—it works like no other to keep your products in place all day without drying out your skin or adding extra shine.

Shop it now


Make It Dewy Setting Spray

This setting spray is ideal for those with dry skin who need a bit of extra moisture to keep your products looking good longer.

Shop it now


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A post shared by Urban Decay Cosmetics (@urbandecaycosmetics)


Work in multiple layers

Instead of applying one, thick, full-coverage layer of foundation and being done with your base, many makeup artists—including international makeup artist Claudia Neacsu—work in thin layers to assure the skin looks natural and radiant while still covering blemishes or dark spots. She goes in with a little bit of product and builds it up rather than starting with something heavy from the get-go. 

The way I’ve adopted this trick is by spot concealing before I even put my foundation on. I use a small brush and a little bit of concealer to go over anything I want to cover. Then, I only have to use a thin layer of foundation to even everything out. It actually ends up taking less time because that small amount of product blends seamlessly with the skin instead of a thick layer that doesn’t want to budge. 


Pinpoint your setting powder

Gone are the days when we doused our entire faces in a heavy layer of powder for that matte skin look. While glowy skin has been on the up-and-up the last few years, it doesn’t take away the fact that many of us (even those with dry skin) can get oily sometimes, or that our makeup can crease. If you want to keep a glowy look that stays all day, the trick is using a small brush to pinpoint exactly where the powder is going to go. Celebrity makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes uses this trick all the time to keep the cheeks glossy and the undereyes from creasing. 

When I set my face, I use a fluffy concealer brush to set just under the eyes where my concealer creases, the corners of my mouth, the sides of my nose, and my hairline. (What can I say, I sweat a lot!)

Charlotte Tilbury

Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder

Arguably one of the most hyped powders out there, this one sets down makeup, reduces shine, and leaves your skin looking healthy and radiant—all in one.

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Fenty Beauty

Invisimatte Blotting Powder

For a velvet finish, this translucent powder is also great to keep i your bag for touch-ups. And because it’s Fenty, it’s actually completely translucent, meaning it can work on every single skin tone without looking ashy.

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Sonia Kashuk

Small Highlighting Brush

A small, fluffy brush like this will place a light dusting of powder just in the spots you get shiny.

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Beauty Blender

Dual-Sided Powder Puff

For a velvety, blurred finish, use the tip of this puff to press powder into the skin. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to looking poreless.

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A post shared by Charlotte Tilbury, MBE (@ctilburymakeup)


Using metallic/shimmer shadows in the crease

Forget what you know, ladies and gents—it IS OK to use non-matte eyeshadows in the crease. (I know, gasp!) When most of us learned how to apply eyeshadow, we stuck to a very simple formula: matte crease, darkest color in the outer corner, shimmery eyelid. This formula has made many a beautiful eye looks, but if you’re looking for a more editorial or fun look, using one shadow through the lid and crease can provide that glossy lid look celebrities and makeup artists love. 

This is also a fun way to change up your regular palettes and create new looks you might have never tried before. 


Super Shock Shadow

Master one-eyeshadow looks with my favorite inexpensive shimmery shadow that always makes your eyes glimmer without tons of fallout onto your face.

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Natasha Denona

Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette

And if you’re new to eyeshadow, you can’t go wrong with this neutral palette.

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A post shared by REFY (@refybeauty)


Adding hair strokes instead of “filling in” brows

The “Instagram” brow—a sharp arch that’s carved out to perfection—is on its way out, and the bushy, natural, undone brow look is taking its place. Makeup artists love this look because it emphasizes the eye look (especially long eyelashes) without distracting or taking away from it. To get it easily without getting brow extensions (yeah, it’s a thing!), add hair strokes with a thin eyebrow pen or a pomade and a thin liner brush. Instead of “filling” the brows in, simply make short little lines in the places you’d want extra hairs. 

Then, to get the full look, use a clear brow gel to brush up the hairs. 


Brow Flick

This will help you achieve hair-like strokes in a matter of minutes thanks to a super-fine brush tip.

Shop it now

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Dipbrow Pomade

Dipbrow is for so much more than the blocky Instagram brow. Used with a fine brush, you can create ultra-hairlike strokes that actually make you look like you grew thicker brows overnight.

Shop it now

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Eyebrow Brush #12

You’ll need a really thin brush like this one to create very fine strokes.

Shop it now


Brow Sculpt Shape and Hold Gel

For a laminated, bushy brow effect, this gel beats them all. It’s completely clear and keeps your brows in place all day long.

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Lip contouring (yes!) 

I originally heard of this technique from Huda Kattan (of Huda Beauty), but it’s a common makeup artist trick to make your lips look bigger and to highlight the natural shape of your mouth. It looks amazing with just a little gloss—it’s subtle, but you can tell there’s a little somethin’-somethin’ going on. 

Using either a cream contour or a brown lip pencil, carve out the shape of your lips. Huda has an amazing tutorial on her Instagram Stories that can explain it so much better than I can! 

Charlotte Tilbury

Lip Cheat Lip Liner

“Iconic Nude,” “Pillow Talk,” and “Foxy Brown” are three favorite shades!

Shop it now


This Makeup Look Gives Me the Most Compliments


Try This 4-Step Highlight Technique For the Glowiest Skin


Why Everyone Should Read ‘One Last Stop’

The Everygirl’s product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

Source: Elizabeth Gillette for The Everygirl

After placing the book I’ve been seeing all over BookTok on hold at my local library and waiting literally months, I finally got my hands on Casey McQuiston’s One Last Stop, the novel that has quickly secured a place in my—and many other book lovers’—hearts. A love story meets sci-fi tale, the story follows two women, August and Jane, who just happen to be at the right place at the right time and fall in love on the NYC subway (if only my train rides were that romantic).

Sponsored by Equilibria /

Looking for Better Sleep? This Super Ingredient Might Be the Answer

don’t fret, exhausted readers 💤

I lived vicariously through the spunky yet shy protagonist, August, who has a thing for tough-on-the-outside-but-soft-on-the inside Jane as soon as she sets her eyes on her. However, while dreamy, Jane also has a secret: She can time travel, and August, as well as her quirky roommates, set off on a mission to help Jane remember her past and get back to the ’70s. Now, I realize that a budding romance between a 2020 college student and a hippie who doesn’t know how a cell phone operates sounds crazy, but in this story, McQuiston just makes it work.

Last year, I made a resolution to read more works by queer authors, with love stories that actually represent my own relationships, and this book did not disappoint. This is a rom-com everyone should read. It’ll have you falling in love with the characters, finally reading about accurately portrayed LGBTQIA+ experiences, and sweating over the few hot and heavy moments sprinkled throughout. At its core, this isn’t just a love story; it’s a celebration of LGBTQIA+ pride, and everyone, queer or not, is invited.

Here’s your spoiler-free review of One Last Stop and why I can promise you that this will be one of the best rom-com books you’ll ever read:


Casey McQuiston

One Last Stop

When August meets Jane on the subway, she immediately develops a crush. There’s just one problem: Jane is literally displaced from the 1970s and August has to help her get back.

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Finally, A Healthy and Realistic Love Story

Have you ever read a so-called rom-com and finished the book, only to realize that the protagonist’s relationship is borderline toxic? Yeah, I’ve wasted my time reading those kinds of stories too. The good news? August and Jane’s relationship is a heartfelt, you-can-sense-the-chemistry instance of friends turned lovers—which, by the way, is much more realistic than the enemies to lovers trope that runs rampant in rom-coms nowadays. From the moment they meet to August attempting to jog Jane’s memories from the ’70s, you can see that the two genuinely care about each other and understand what it means to make sacrifices for someone you love.

August and Jane’s relationship is explored throughout the entire novel, leaving you wondering what next step or challenge they’ll face with every turn of the page. Without giving anything too major away, let’s just say that August and Jane’s meet cute was Jane helping August clean up a coffee spill (kind of subway adorable, if you ask me), so they already know how to handle messy situations.

And of course, once you get past the buildup to a steamier romance, McQuiston gives us what we want with beautifully written sexual tension. While most of the book is pretty tame, there were some moments that were more, ahem, explicit—and wow, with every reminder of Jane’s abundance of confidence and cool girl tattoos, I was falling for her too.


There’s No Bi Erasure Here

As someone who is bisexual, I was ecstatic to find out that August is also bi and even happier to see her own her bisexuality. I’ve grown accustomed to having other people, inside and outside the LGBTQIA+ community, make judgments and assumptions about my sexuality when I’m in a relationship. However, commitment does not equate to having a “preference” or stronger attraction toward one gender, and, though her relationship with Jane is August’s only connection, her identity as a bisexual woman remains strong.

We see August grow from a shy individual to a strong woman who takes control of her own bisexual experience, even correcting a man on the train who refers to her as a lesbian by responding, “Actually, I’m bisexual.” It’s a small scene, but man, it’s a powerful one. I felt seen, I felt heard, and I felt good knowing that other readers who are bisexual or questioning can see this and know that being in a relationship with someone of the same sex doesn’t make you more or less bisexual.


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Representation Matters, Period.

Is it just me, or does every “LGBTQIA+-friendly” movie or TV show depict only a couple of characters who are in the LGBTQIA+ community and straight-wash the remainder of the cast? The best thing about McQuiston is that she understands tokenism and makes a point to build a story with dynamic characters from a multitude of LGBTQIA+ backgrounds and identities.

Let’s take August’s roommates, for example. Not only are Myla, Niko, and Wes the loyal and splendidly sarcastic people you can only wish to have as roommates, but they also happen to be LGBTQIA+ allies and members of the community. While their identities are briefly mentioned in the story, they have depth, backstories, and instrumental contributions to the plot. We finally have LGBTQIA+ characters who have traits other than just their sexuality. 

Not only is representation important, but including plot points to break down LGBTQIA+ stereotypes is also much needed in modern literature. Winfield, one of August’s impressively social coworkers, is a man who does drag and is in a heterosexual relationship. Dressing up as a drag queen isn’t only for men who identify as gay, but often times, only gay men are depicted as performers. Winfield breaks the stereotype and challenges gender norms, all while having a supportive girlfriend. I’m here for it, and you should be too.


Found Family is a Refuge

I would argue that the concept of found family, or having a close or familial type of relationship with people who you aren’t related to by blood, represents the experience of being in the LGBTQIA+ community like no other. In a society that often rejects LGBTQIA+ culture or doesn’t always think to include different perspectives, forming a friendship with others in the community as well as allies can help you finally feel like you belong.

Even within the first few pages of the book, you know that August’s roommates understood the importance of inclusion, searching for a roomie who “must be LGBTQ+-friendly.” Small details like this, which allude to the reality that not all people are going to be accepting, show readers that no matter what, there are people out there who advocate for inclusion and acceptance. We get to laugh along with and learn from a judgment-free family that also happens to dish out the dirty details of their romantic lives, which is entertaining and is the friendship we all want to have.


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Final Thoughts 

A couple of years ago, I read McQuiston’s debut novel, Red, White & Royal Blue, and thought it was one of the best rom-coms I ever read. I was overjoyed that I had finally read a romance story with a same-sex couple that seemed realistic—or at least as realistic as an imagined relationship between a president’s son and royalty could be. Now, One Last Stop is my top recommendation for books in the romantic comedy genre, not only because I finally lived through another bisexual woman’s romance story for the ages, but also because this was just a feel-good book.

I can’t talk too much about the plot and the mysteries of Jane’s time-traveling phenomenon without spoiling it, but there were definitely a lot of moments that kept me guessing and even tearing up at one point. Give this book a try, and I swear you will not be able to put it down. Each page of the book made me laugh or warm up to a character even more, and if you’re up for a little cheesiness mixed with good old-fashioned, blush-inducing spiciness, this will be a treat.

August and Jane have the romance we all want someday. Myla, Niko, and Wes are the friends you’re lucky to have met. And everything else? Basically, in a world where not everyone can understand you, this book is home. Your next stop? Well, it better be your bookstore or library.


Casey McQuiston

One Last Stop

When August meets Jane on the subway, she immediately develops a crush. There’s just one problem: Jane is literally displaced from the 1970s and August has to help her get back.

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Are Luxury Skincare Products Better Than Drugstore Ones?

The Everygirl’s product selections are curated by the editorial team. If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love.

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When you first get into beauty, you’re faced with quite the conundrum: Do you go with drugstore skincare products or high-end ones? On one hand, drugstore beauty is inexpensive, accessible, and quite well-loved. But high-end has high claims, fancy packaging, and a host of influencers and fans backing it up. You’re left wondering if it’s all one big marketing ploy or if there’s really a difference between the cheap and expensive stuff.

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The good news is that the experts say there’s a place for both in your skincare routine. High-end skincare is expensive and fancy, so it has to be better, right? Not quite. We asked two dermatologists what they think about the drugstore vs. high-end dilemma, and their response was shocking. 


Meet the expert
Dr. Naissan Wesley
Dr. Wesley is a dermatologist and Dermatologist Surgeon at Skin Care and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills.

Meet the expert
Dr. Lian Mack, MD, FAAD
Dr. Mack is a dermatologist in New York City who focused on treating skin issues for People of Color.


What’s Better: Drugstore or Luxury Skincare?

When it comes down to drugstore vs. luxury, there isn’t really an answer. “There are many factors that influence the difference in price between drugstore and luxury skincare. However, the price of a product has nothing to do with how efficacious it is,” said dermatologist Dr. Lian Mack. So, if it’s not about price, what is it? Luxury skincare comes down to cost of production, such as packaging, quality and concentration of ingredients, and the name.


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Whether you like an all-white, minimalist bottle or organizing your shelf into a rainbow, there’s no denying the way packaging impacts our interest in a product. But according to dermatologist Dr. Naissan Wesley, packaging is about more than just aesthetic purposes. Some ingredients, like vitamin C, have specific packaging requirements to keep the active stable, which can drive up cost. Other products require specific, custom packaging depending on the needs of the product. This drives up the cost for the brand significantly, which trickles down to the consumer.





“The main difference between drugstore and luxury skincare is some of the ingredients used,” Dr. Mack said. When it comes to hydrating and cleansing the skin, the ingredients are inexpensive, which is why drugstore brands hit it out of the park with their cleansers (like our editor favorites from CeraVe) and moisturizers, whereas the ingredients necessary to treat acne, aging, and hyperpigmentation haven’t historically been available in inexpensive formulations. As the skincare industry is evolving, we’re seeing an influx of inexpensive products that address those concerns. But because high-end brands have had the monopoly on anti-aging and treating skin ailments all this time, those formulations are what have dominated dermatologist offices and celebrity skincare routines.


Source: @devsday


Where to Splurge

Both Dr. Wesley and Dr. Mack suggested splurging on your vitamin C. “Stabilized vitamin C in a high-end product often comes from a quality source to maximize its antioxidant properties in moisturizing, treating, and reversing photoaging and to help even skin tone,” Dr. Wesley said. Vitamin C formulations are not all the same, and when in a water-based formula, they can destabilize when exposed to too much air (a nod to good packaging).

SkinBetter Science

Alto Defense Serum

“I prefer vitamin C serums that contain more stable formulations of vitamin C like Skin Better Science’s Alto. It contains one of the most stable forms of vitamin C: tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate,” Dr. Mack said.

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Dr. Mack also looks to the concentration of the active ingredient, which can often be an indicator of why the price is higher on a product, looking for stable forms of high-quality versions of vitamin C like tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and L-ascorbic acid. “I also look for brands that contain retinoids (vs. retinols), like Skin Better Science’s Alpharet,” Dr Mack said.

SkinBetter Science

AlphaRet Overnight Cream

This dermatologist-loved formula combines alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids for an overnight treatment that tackles fine lines and wrinkles, acne, texture, and hyperpigmentation.

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But it’s about more than just the ingredients in your products, according to Dr. Mack. It’s also about what’s not in them, like fragrance, dye, and parabens and making sure that the brand is cruelty-free or vegan if that’s important to you. Clean products that don’t contain a lot of preservatives tend to require more expensive ingredients to keep the ingredients stable, and these ingredients often have shorter life spans. This drives up the cost because companies want to make sure that shelves are constantly stocked with new products.


Source: Pexels


Where to Save

Not every step of your skincare routine requires a splurge. Dr. Mack and Dr. Wesley shared the drugstore products they love most: 


Moisturizing Cream

“I like Vanicream products because all of their products are free of the preservatives and fragrance that most commonly cause irritation in some people,” Dr. Wesley said, adding that the Moisturizing Cream is “emollient and soothing to the skin.”

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Thermal Spring Water

Dr. Wesley loves Avène for sensitive skin, especially their classic soothing water spray.

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Catrice Cosmetics

Pore Minimizing Serum

Dr. Mack is a big fan of Catrice Cosmetics because they have active ingredients at an affordable price with their new beauty boosters line. “I love the Pore Minimizing Serum. Packed with a 10 percent niacinamide, this booster helps to minimize the appearance of pores, improve uneven skin tone, and soften fine lines.”

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A Gen Z-er’s Honest Thoughts About the Word “Cheugy”

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On my first day of college, I was hit with a playful insult that changed my life forever. When I walked up to my freshman dorm wearing a pair of Birkenstocks and carrying a Hydro Flask, I was labeled a “VSCO girl.” This spurred an immediate existential crisis: Was I basic? Was there something wrong with the way I was dressing? Would I be ousted from collegiate social life because I drank my coffee from metal straws?

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This spiral of thoughts, although in my case under the category of “VSCO girl,” is something most women are probably familiar with. It’s a common reaction to being lumped into a category based on the things you like to have, use, and wear. Recently, a term that incites even more of a freak-out than I had that fateful August afternoon has gone viral: cheugy.


What does Cheugy mean, anyway?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the word “cheugy” has been used on a massive scale this summer to describe anything mildly outdated or out of style. This applies to Ugg boots, graphic tees with cheesy sayings on them, and—dare I say it—skinny jeans. It refers to things that were once beloved in the 2010s but now are utterly despised by the trendy. Invented by a Zoomer, the term naturally creates a division between Gen Z and millennials.



Why does Cheugy even exist?

However, what has gone undiscussed about the word cheugy is the reason why young adults and teens on TikTok feel so comfortable throwing it around. The term has circulated among Gen Zers not just because it somehow describes the indescribably outdated, but also because those who regularly use it are used to watching things go out of style in a matter of months.

People born between the years 1997 and 2010 have never known a world without fast fashion—big-name internet retailers that add thousands of new items to their inventory every week have always been around for us. People my age are used to watching items become outdated before they even arrive on our doorsteps. Remember when Adidas superstars and the color maroon were all anyone could talk about for a few months in 2016, and then suddenly those trends were completely obsolete? That cycle was never new to Gen Z. My generation does not even have the ability to define what is “cool” by season anymore—instead, the newer the better, all the time.

The word “cheugy” means that language now exists for young people to describe what it is like to experience such a fast trend cycle. The adjective itself is not an insult to anything that we might view as outdated but rather something that encapsulates how we experience the world.



Why I’m completely over it

As someone who has been called (and hurt by) internet labels before, I get why some people over the age of 22 are frustrated with “cheugy.” When the word stops being a way to describe things (such as exposed light bulbs and frosé) and starts being slapped on people, it is no longer a generation’s self-aware way of describing the trend cycle and is instead just a bit mean.

When using a word like “cheugy”—or “basic” or “VSCO girl” or anything else that lumps things that people like into a single category—the most important thing to remember is why that word exists in the first place. Gen Z awkwardly misses the point when they decide to label an entire person as cheugy. On the flip side, millennials demonstrate a shortsided unwillingness to understand the fast-fashion-oriented brains of Gen Zers when they write the word off as cruel.


Final thoughts

As an older Gen Zer, there are so many cheugy things that I love and will cling to forever—and yes, I do look great in these skinny jeans. So in my opinion, use the word cheugy. Heck, embrace the cheuginess of the things you love to the fullest extent! Showing that you can resist the incredibly short attention span of the fashion industry these days and have a style that is completely yours is deeply cool, no matter how old you are.


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